Daily Makeup Routine - Why mineral makeup is better for your skin

December 1, 2017

Hey guys! 
So I made a poll on Instagram stories (@hayleypjames) whether you would want to see my everyday work beauty routine in video form or photo form and as I'm typing this now it currently sits at 85% for video and 15% for photos, so below is the video I filmed showing you how I use my everyday products and what brushes I use (and probably a little bit of useless babbling hehe) 


Products used: 
Curtis Collection Matte Perfection Foundation: 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush: https://realtechniques.com/expert-face-brush/p/1411 (this is the Expert Face Brush because the Buffing Brush must not exist anymore, this is very similar) 

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Bronzer Palette: https://www.farmers.co.nz/beauty/makeup/blushers-bronzers/chi-chi-viva-la-diva-bronzer-palette-6196846

Real Techniques Blush Brush: https://beautybliss.co.nz/shop/real-techniques-blush-brush/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAus_QBRDgARIsAIRGNGibnkFgdFKfJqzH_dvelbCqyHalt1WsN-6F0WMcGkzlo67hcdi2Z0MaAsNZEALw_wcB

Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore: https://www.beautybay.com/makeup/milani/bakedblush/berryamore

xoBeauty Blush Blush: https://www.xobeautyshop.com/products/detail-fibre-brush

Wet and Wild Mega Glo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals: https://www.farmers.co.nz/brands/wet-n-wild/wet-n-wild-megaglo-highlighting-powder-precious-petals-6231424001

Real Techniques Setting Brush: https://realtechniques.com/setting-brush/p/1413


NYX Eyebrow Cake: https://www.nyxcosmetics.com/eyebrow-cake-powder/NYX_032.html

xoBeauty Eyebrow Brush: https://www.xobeautyshop.com/products/xobeauty-eyebrow-groomer-brush

Put a Lid On It Eyeshadow Primer: https://thebalm.com/products/put-a-lid-on-it?variant=16601858182


Maybelline The Nudes Palette: https://www.farmers.co.nz/beauty/makeup/eyes/maybelline-the-nudes-eyeshadow-palette-6049595

Real Techniques Base Eyeshadow Brush & Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush: https://realtechniques.com/eye-shade-blend/p/1529

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze: https://www.farmers.co.nz/beauty/makeup/eyes/maybelline-eyestudio-color-tattoo-eyeshadow-in-bad-to-the-bronze-5780631002

Lancome Matte Shaker in Beige Vintage: https://www.farmers.co.nz/lancome-matte-shaker-6257921?tracking=|searchterm:beige|vintage%20matte%20shakr

I've recently made the switch to mineral makeup as I work in a beauty salon and we use mineral makeup on anybody and everybody there. The ladies I work with love mineral foundation as it can literally be put on anybodies skin, whether they've just had a huge skin treatment, needling, IPL, waxing and facials. This definitely shows how good mineral makeup is for your skin if you can put it on after such heavy treatments like dermal needling (literally rolling your skin with hundreds of tiny needles and puncturing the skin to force the skin to heal itself therefore making more collagen and elastin) 

I personally use the Curtis Collection Matte Perfection Mineral Foundation and for someone with very oily skin such as myself who does not have time for any sort of touch ups during an 8 hour shift this stuff is amazing. 

The reason why I'm putting so much emphasis on switching to mineral is that there are so many ingredients in your foundations from the drugstore/supermarket/department stores that are not doing your skin any favours, especially if you have skin conditions such as acne or rosacea. 

Benefits of Mineral: 
Curtis Collection uses a mixture of minerals including potassium, zinc, magnesium and sodium for their multi mineral complex, these minerals are all up to cosmeceutical standard so they won't clog your pores. Minerals sit like roof tiles on the skin so it gives your skin room to breathe while giving the coverage unlike most foundations that have to be thick and cakey to be able to give the full coverage look we all know and love.


The formulas in all their base products are super hydrating as they contain hyaluronic acid which is a molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water and is a humectant which draws moisture to the skin so it stays hydrated and supple all day. 

The minerals that Curtis Collection use in their foundations reflect the light so all day you get a gorgeous glow even without highlighter and makes your skin look poreless.

Curtis Collections makeup/skincare hybrid uses Vitamin E and C for antioxidant protection during the day and also brightens and nourishes your skin. 

Ingredients in makeup to look out for if you have problem skin:

Alcohol in makeup products can cause a drying effect on the skin, this is not so good for oily breakout prone skins because as your skin dries out it tries to compensate by producing more oil to keep itself moisturised.. exactly what you dont want. It can also cause enlarged pores and bumpy textured skin if it's in your skincare as well. 

Fragrance: The word fragrance in the ingredients list of a product doesnt tell you much... in fact its made to disguise a company/brands "secret" formula to make the product smell specifically like that for the brand  so you really really dont know what's in it because they don't want other companies stealing fragrances. Fragrance in products can be associated with allergies and dermatitis so you can totally see why you wouldnt want it on your skin if you already have issues you are trying to sort out. 

Parabens: Parabens are used in makeup and cosmetics to prevent the growth of bacteria. This is all good and well but parabens are actually associated with eostrogen mimicking properties which disript our endocrine system (the endocrine system helps regulate and send out all the hormones in our body) and these eostrogen mimickers can wreck all sorts of havock in our bodies, which corelates to your face because we all know what goes on in your body eventually makes itself known on our faces in the form of acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and texture or redness.

As cool and fun as it is to wear makeup, always remember to remove it thoroughly at night time before you go to bed, sleeping in your makeup is awful for your skin whether you wear mineral or other makeup. 
A really great way to make sure you have thoroughly removed your makeup is by double cleansing, this is very self explanatory you literally cleanse your face once to remove the makeup and another time to actually clean your skin. 
I like to do this with Dermalogica Pre Cleanse for my first cleanse, this is an oil based cleanser which helps remove the most stubborn of makeup, especially your long wearing eye and lip products, you then add water to it which makes it a milky texture and easy to rinse off with water (if you've ever used an oil cleanser you know how hard those are to get off your skin at the end, this makes it super simple) 
I then go in with SkincareRX CleanFix cleanser as my second cleanse which is just a gel cleanser that foams but isnt stripping on my oily skin, it's got lactic acid, and vitamin C and E in it to leave your skin nourished and smooth. 



I hope I have given you some sound information about why switching to a mineral makeup may benefit your skin, and you also enjoyed the video of my everyday makeup ruoutine in which I show you my fave products! 
Thanks for reading/watching


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