Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara Review-- Beauty Babble

May 21, 2018

Let's shimmy it on back and do an old school makeup review, I love a bit of Beauty Babble and I hope you guys enjoy hearing my thoughts on products that I come across. 
In New Zealand, buying make-up is expensive so I love to watch/read a few reviews by people I trust before I go into buying it, and I hope to become that person for you guys! 

Now lets get into the actual review:

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara:

I found out about this mascara from Canadian beauty blogger Allana Davison (I've linked her instagram so you can go check her out.) She could not stop raving about this mascara, in every single video she used it and raved about it, it was in favourites videos, anytime anyone asked her about what mascara she was wearing in an insta post you could almost bet ya life she'd say this one. So after hearing for many months her talk about I thought I would finally bite the bullet and purchase my first high end mascara... and I fell in love with it just like she did. 

This mascara is my all time fave mascara and I have used up every last drop in my first tube. (It's rather expensive in New Zealand at $51 as it is a high end brand so I've been milking that baby for all it is worth until I feel like I can spend that much money again)

The Farmers website describes this mascara to be "big volume with no effort" and I would totally agree!
Lancome also claims this mascara will;
Not flake or smudge with 24 hour wear
Has big volume
Is Lancome's blackest mascara 
Is suitable for sensitive eyes. 


I wear this mascara for at least 8-12 hours a day at my current job and I will say it does smudge a slight bit where my brow bone is so I wouldnt say personally that it is smudge proof but I will say I have oily skin so its easier for things to transfer and smudge on me as the oil breaks it down, on someone with dry skin I would say they wouldnt have an issue. 
Although it does smudge for me, it's a very easy fix. 

It does offer big volume without making your eyelashes super clumpy which is my favourite thing about this mascara. It creates great volume and darkness at the base/roots of your lashes but really separates and lengthens towards the end of your lashes. Definition and volume are my two most important things to look for in a mascara. 



(The mascara here is applied on my left eye)

I personally don't have sensitive eyes so I can't vouch for the suitable for sensitive eyes claim, but I can confirm this mascara is easy to get off, thank goodness. My biggest pet peeve with mascaras is when you wash them off at night time, thinking that you've done a really good job at removing them and you wake up in the morning with racoon eyes like nobodies business, like C'MON! 

This washes off really easy with your first oil cleanse, or even your second cleanse (I usually put both of my cleansers around my eyes to get mascara off-- see? definitely cant vouch for the sensitive eyes claim heheh. 


Overall in New Zealand it is probably ridiculously overpriced for what it actually is, but thats just New Zealand makeup in general. 
I love the way it goes on, how fluttery and full it makes my lashes and how easily it comes off so I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a volumizing and seperating mascara, and someone who is willing to drop some cash on some high end products. 

I would love to find a drugstore/pharmacy dupe for this mascara, so if you have any ideas hit a gal up and let me know and I will keep up my hunt. 

Hope this has helped if you've ever seen it raved about on youtube and wanted to know whether it is worth the hype.. for me it totally is. 

Thanks so much for reading, 
Love, Hayley. 

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