Wet and Wild Photofocus Foundation-- Review- Beauty Babble

July 22, 2018

Hey guys, 
I was recently in Farmers and (as always) decided to pick up a little beauty treat for myself to try out + I needed a new foundation anyway so it was a must right??
I picked up the Wet and Wild Photofocus foundation because #1 everyone and their mum has been raving about it and it has finally dropped in NZ and #2 it was so cheap I didn't feel bad for my treat myself moment.. #woops

I thought I would give it a thorough review and 75% of you wanted to see it so here we gooooo
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I thought I would test it for a week so I could give you a bit more information than just my first impressions as a lot can change a foundation and the way it sits on your skin with different powders and moisturisers and things. 

Day one I gave you my quick first impressons over on my instagram stories.
Before I start-- my skin type is fairly oily and pretty much everything I've ever worn on my face gets some sort of oily during the day whether that's melting it all off or just a little bit of a sheen. 
My makeup is usually on for 8-12 hours, as I work as a beauty therapist and we work long hours as well as what can be sometimes quite physical work such as massages and things so I always think foundations and makeup gets a hard test being on my face all day. 

Anyhooo, after that little introduction of me and my skin, here was my first impressions the first day 
I applied my usual eyecream, hyaluronic acid serum and moisturiser. 
I didn't apply any powder and just let the foundation and my skin do their own thing. 

I got home at 8:05pm and my makeup had been on since 7am that morning, I felt like it lasted fairly well considering. 
It looked beautiful when I first applied it, slightly glowy, slightly matte and a real skin like look. It was a medium coverage but definitely buildable, I did actually like the slightly weird applicator, it saved me pumping it onto the back of my hand or sticking my sponge in a pot. 
I used my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to blend it in. 
When I got home a 8.05 that night, it was fairly oily but nothing that a bit of blotting and powder would fix (and a possibly a little bit more to even out the parts that were fading if I was going out) 
It went slightly patchy in the areas above my brows and where I had placed my bronzer that morning on my cheeks and around my mouth and had faded away, but definitetly wasnt enough to make me want to never wear it again. 



The second day I wore it, I made sure to powder after I had applied it and before I applied my other powder products.
This made it last really well during the day, I noticed at around 4pm it was getting oily, but nothing a little bit of powder didnt fix. 
I found that I didnt get as patchy as I did that first day, and it didnt fade as much as it did around my cheek area. 
I really loved the finish of it all day, it felt really weightless and not heavy like some foundations do when they get oily, you can really feel them on your skin. 
I found that on the first day the foundation oxidised slightly and I found my skin to be a tad orange (this could also be my bad colour selection, I was tossing up between this shade and a lighter shade and ended up picking this one cos the lighter one wasnt actually on the shelf, but it seems like the right colour when I first put it on)
I was really impressed with the lasting power when I had powdered it. 
Definitely one you want to set if you have an oily skin type, you'll probably be okay if you have dry skin. 

 Products featured: 
Wet n Wild Megaglo highlighting powder in Precious Petals-- an absolute fave highlighter and for sooo cheap! 
Long Lashes (an eyelash serum for growth and for fluttering strong lashes)

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer
Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Barely There 
Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara -- review here 
Rimmell Instafix and Go Setting Spray and Primer 


The third day I wore it I powdered my face after I had put on my moisturiser and after I had applied the foundation and I found this was the best it had lasted all week. 
It was slightly powdery (obvs..) but as soon as I put some setting spray on it that went away and it looked great. As my natural oils came through it gave it some extra glow as well which I definitely love.

 I didnt notice any of the problems that I noticed on the first day I wore it i.e.-- patchiness and oxidising so powder definitely seemed to make this foundation it's best. 
I really enjoy wearing this foundation, it seems to sit fairly nicely on my skin all day, and considering I have it on so long, it lasts the distance as I would expect a foundation too. 

After wearing it for a week, I have come to a conclusion. 
It is a nice foundation, but not an oily skinned gals best friend, it looks stunning when first applied, but definitely needs some powdering to be any sort of long lasting. 
Unfortunately I have noticed it fading and disappearing in some instances from areas of my face such as above and between my brows and where I apply my bronzer. 
I love that Wet and Wild have made such an affordable product and I do really really enjoy the coverage and the finish. 
I would recommend to a drier or combination skinned gal, as I feel as the long lastingness of it will be way more beneficial for you. 
Definitely worth a try as it is only $13 which for New Zealand beauty prices is cheap as chips, it wasn't the best thing I've ever put on my skin, but it definitely wasn't the worst thing either, it's about the middle of the range for me. 
I did (and continue) to have issues with it oxidising but as I mentioed earlier this could be up to my bad colour matching #woops

I hope this review has been helpful for anyone thinking of picking up this foundation, I tried to be as thorough as possible and give you my honest thoughts on what was happening with it on my skin. 
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask me on @notjustaprettyfaceblog_ on instagram and Beauty and Lifestyle by Hayley on Facebook. Would love to hear from you as always. 

Lots of love,
Hayley xx

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