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August 5, 2017

Hi there, 
I thought I would start off my first blog post by doing what I love - chatting about beauty products.
These are LUSH products that I've fallen in love with, emptied and repurchased so I thought I would talk about why I love them so much. 


If going through nearly 3 pots of this cleanser in just over a year doesn't tell you how much I love this product, I don't know what will. 




  • This cleanser is made with ground almonds as the physical exfoliator which means that its great for the environment and our precious ocean. Many supermarket brand cleansers have plastic microbeads in them which is terrible for our oceans as the sea animals swallow the plastic or it sinks to the bottom of the sea polluting it. LUSH have many great values,  one of them being they do no harm to animals, humans or the environment. 

  • I love to use this cleanser when I've been wearing a full face of makeup all day, really taking the time to buff this product into your skin leaves such an amazing glow afterwards and assures you that every last bit of your makeup has been washed away. It also leaves the skin prepped and ready for any oils/serums/moisturisers that are next in your skin care regime, to be absorbed deeper without any excess dead skin cells lurking about. 

  • Angels on Bare Skin is gentle enough to use quite often, I end up using it 3 times a week sometimes. If you have dry, very flaky skin it will buff it away with ease and leave you with fresh soft skin. When I had a cold this winter I loved to gently exfoliate my nose area where I had blown it somewhat endlessly during the day leaving it dry and flaky, this cleanser fixed it right up.





  •  I love this scrub as an all over body exfoliant but I ABSOLUTELY love it as a foot scrub after a long hard day of being on my feet. You can use this scrub in two ways - straight out of the pot, which is a harsher "scrubby" exfoliation which I use for my feet to get rid of any dry cracked skin on my feet, or add water to it in your hands and watch it turn into a "milky" exfoliation with a texture more like an exfoliating shower gel which is much gentler for all over the body. 

  • Rub Rub Rub shower scrub is different than your standard exfoliating body products, it can also be used as a shampoo! It gives you the beach waves we all long for, as well as added volume because of the sea salt inside. It also softens the scalp and helps to relieve dandruff with all the fantastic minerals from the sea salt mixed with lemon juice in the recipe. 

  • This shower scrub smells amazing with a mixture of mimosa and orange flower essential oils it'll leave your body smelling fresh and subtly sweet all day. It's just as nice of a smell on women as it is on men.




  • If you love the smell of coconuts this beautiful natural shampoo is for you. Curly Wurly makes your hair feel and smell fantastic all day- almost as if you've been at the beach sipping Pina Coladas all day. 

  • As the name would suggest this shampoo is perfect for curly haired gals like me. Curly hair needs a lot of love and moisturising and this shampoo delivers! It gives you defined curls once your hair is dry- just scrunch your hair from the roots a little as its drying and it'll make your curls more pronounced and bouncy. 

  • This product has free range eggs inside of it, which help to condition and strengthen your hair. (You wouldn't even need to condition your hair afterwards if you didn't want to) 
    Another star ingredient is Linseed, this helps to protect and nourish your hair to fight against breakages and makes your hair shine. 







  • If you are an oily skinned gal like me then you know how hard it is to find a moisturiser that doesn't just sit on top of your skin and leave you looking like an oil slick. This moisturiser sinks in so fast its incredible and doesn't leave me oily throughout the day. (Paired with the 9 to 5 cleanser my skin was so soft and it slowed down oil production like nobodies business) 

  • This moisturiser was great as a base under makeup because, like I said above, it sunk right into the skin no worries and left a perfect smooth base for makeup to glide on top of. I also like this moisturiser underneath sunblock as sunblock can make my skin look extremely oily, using it underneath did not make me want to powder the living daylights out of my face when wearing any sort of base products. 

  • Vanishing Cream has lovely ingredients inside such as witch hazel, this is a fantastic ingredient for oily skin as it is an astringent which helps to constrict skin cells to make skin less oily because it helps to regulate sebum production. It also has lavender in it which leaves my skin beautifully soft and hydrated and is also great for sensitive skin. Rose Water is another star ingredient as it soothes and hydrates the skin, while being an anti-inflammatory which can help reduce redness and sensitivities. 

    Thanks so much for reading my first blog post, I hope you learnt something about my fave LUSH products, and what they can do for your skin and hair. 

    Much love,
    Hayley x


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