Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask Review

December 30, 2017

Hey guys! 
I'm back with another blog post, this one will be a review of the Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask (as you probably gathered by the title)

I tried out this mask out on a total whim, I was at the Warehouse on Boxing Day and was browsing the skincare/makeup aisle when these caught my eye. Now I know, I know these have been out for a fair while but because New Zealand is so slow at getting new product launches this is the first I had seen of them outside the internet! 

In New Zealand, these are priced at $4.50 a pop, which is quite reasonable I thought if anyone is familiar with New Zealands ridiculous prices of cosmetics. 


They are slightly hard to get on, this is solely because they are a sheet mask and sheet masks in general are trickier to get on. 
If you have a smaller face like myself it won't fit perfectly, I had a bit of trouble getting the eyes, nose and mouth areas to match up to my own and had to fold down the mask on my forehead and chin and kind of bunch it up around my nose and lips so they fit and the mask wasnt covering them. 

Once it is on, it is pretty fuss and mess free. I found it stayed rather well, I thought it may have slipped off my face easily but it held in place for the 15minutes I had it on... granted I was only scrolling through instagram and watching youtube so I don't know how well it would stay on if you were doing anything more strenous than that. 

It has a very pleasant cooling effect on the skin when you first place it on, although it did feel tingly and a little tiny bit itchy for the time I had it on my face but not enough that I wanted to rip it straight off my face in fear of my skin breaking out or anything. (I'm writing this post a day after using the mask and can report that my skin has not reacted in a bad way at all to this mask!)

I was also quite suprised at how much serum/product did get absorbed by my skin, when you pull this mask out of its packaging it is soaked with product. I thought that I would have to rinse the excess product off after I took it off but much to my suprise it only took a few minutes of massaging it into my face before it all disappeared into my skin. 

After I took it all off and massaged the excess product into my face my skin did feel absoluetely lovely.

This particular mask is designed for more of an oily/combination skin type so it had a mattifying effect as well as an ultra hydrating effect. It most definitely gave me a lit from within glow but my skin actually felt quite matte which was lovely as I love glow but not when it looks like you could fry an egg on my face #oilygalprobs 
I put all my normal skincare on top of it, and nothing pilled up or applied weird so that was really nice as well. 


  (Sorry about the not so great quality of these pictures, I didnt have the DSLR camera on me, but still wanted you guys to see the amazing glow this mask gave me!) 



Overall I really enjoyed this mask! It is quite amusing seeng yourself look like something out of a horror movie but regardless I really enjoyed the whole experience of using this mask. 
If you are having a slumber party/girls night in or even just having a "treat yo'self" night I would recommned picking up one of these masks as they are a lot of fun but are also a beautiful treatment for your skin. Your skin is left hydrated and mattified, and so nice and soft with the benefit of also blurring the appearnce of your pores which i was pleasantly suprised about! 

Thats all for today!

Let me know if you've tried this mask and how it went for you, or if your gonna pick one up to try. I would love to know. 
Love, Hayley x

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