Battle of the Cleansing Balms

April 23, 2018

Hi everyone, 
I'm finally back with another blog post and I'm talking about my fave thing ever-- skincare!! 
This blog post will be a battle of the cleansing balms-- Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Balm and the Goodness Break Up Make Up Cleansing Balm
love a good cleansing balm to really get rid of the heavy makeup I wear everyday as a beauty therapist and deeply cleanse my skin, there are many things I look for in a cleansing balm and this post is discussing the pros and cons of each of these balms. 

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Balm:
I have tried both the original Dermalogica Pre Cleanse and the balm and I absolutely love the Pre Cleanse Balm more. 


  • It is deep cleansing and definitely removes all of your face makeup-- you can literally watch it melt off your face as you massage it into your face (massaging it into your face is the best bit-- drag it out a bit and give yourself a little bit of luxury)

  • It isn't a really thick cleansing balm which is really nice cos you can actually feel it melting rather than just feeling like you are rubbing a thick oil all over your face

  • It washes off with just water-- wetting your fingers and rubbing it in emulsifies the product and turns it into a milky cleanser which then you can just splash your face with water and you are good to go-- this is a god send. 

  • Comes with a gentle silicone exfolaiting mitt with two different sides depending on how you want to exfoliate, this is really nice to use to rub in the balm onto your dry face as it makes it an even deeper cleanse and makes your skin feel so soft when you are finished! 


  • It comes with a fairly hefty price tag-- for 90mls it costs $75. It is a professional skincare brand and you can expect those sorts of prices for skincare that has a lot of science and backing behind it like Dermalogica. 

  • It doesnt quite remove all of your mascara, I still find remnants of mascara under my eyes when I'm finished so you should do another cleanse if you want everything off. 

  • If you use too much of it your eyes do feel a bit blurry once you get out of the shower, so make sure you only use a pea size amount and wash your eyes thoroughly. 

  • The tube makes it hard to get product out when you get right to the bottom, you have to take the lid of and squeeze it really hard or cut the top off to get into the product. 





Goodness Skincare Makeup Breakup Balm:
This is a supermarket brand balm that is made with all natural ingredients with a really simple feel.




  • I like that it comes in a tub, you can really get all the product out when you are nearing the finish and also can be very precise about how much product you actually get out when you are using it. Tubes can spurt out randomly and give you far to much product you cant put back

  • It is a really good price point at only $19 and easily available from the cosmetics aisle in your supermarket, as well as having 80mls of product! 

  • It does a good job of removing your makeup, and also seems to get mascara off as well, although I don't know whether this is because of the fact you have to remove it with a face cloth and that really helps to "scrub" off the leftover mascara residue.



  • It feels really thick and heavy when you put it on your face. (This could just be a personal grievance of mine and not actually bother anyone else but this could be helpful..right?) I feel like it doesnt really 'melt' into your face as well as it should and it just sits on top. 

  • It bugs me (but honestly it has only started bugging me after using the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse range) that you have to remove it with a face cloth! This may again just be me being a very lazy gal, but I always seem to forget to bring a face cloth in with me for my shower and then proceed to have to blindly fumble my way to finding a face cloth to get this stuff off my face! Not to mention the staining this causes to the face cloth-- sorry Mum. 

  • If you use to much around your eye area-- guuuurl you are gonna be blind for at least an hour after trying to blink this stuff out of your eyes.


    So after all that pro-ing and con-ing I really do think the 'investment' into the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse range is the way to go, it's easy to use, thorough and really massaging this stuff into your face after a long day feels amazing! The Goodness cleansing balm is definitely a good option if you aren't one to spend money on skincare and makeup and it's not a priority, before I started work as a beauty therapist I probably wouldve suggested this one to anyone who asked, but I just find the Dermalogica one to be that teensy bit more user friendly and a lazy girls true love to remove their makeup. 

    Would love to know anymore recommendations for cleansing balms that you guys know and love, so leave me a comment, or even flick me a message over on my instagram @notjustaprettyfaceblog_ I would love to hear from you. I'm always looking for more skincare to try-- much to my boyfriends dismay hehehe. 

    Lots of love, 
    Hayley xx 




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